Yesterday, a clip went viral from a panel discussion that was held at the REVOLT Summit in Atlanta. As the Internet tends to encourage, the clip of T.I. shouting at Candace Owens over her support of Trump was taken out of context. The heated moment was extracted from the full hour-and-twenty-minute discussion posted on REVOLT's YouTube page. 

Following T.I.'s demand that Owens name the era when America was so great that would entice her to rally behind Trump's infamous MAGA slogan, Killer Mike attempted to provide an answer. People who saw the viral video likely didn't even know that Killer Mike was on the panel, as he was sitting silently while others erupted in argument. Once he realized that T.I. and Owens' bickering wasn't going anywhere, he decided to chime in with the remark: "What y'all are seeing right now are free people arguing over who got the best master."

Owens started her response that she could name a time when Black America was in a better position, but when she started her defense with, "Slavery was all over the world...", she was fiercely booed and didn't get a chance to elaborate. Killer Mike picked up the fallen thread by saying that it seemed Owens was about to reference the period following The Civil War - seven years afterwards to be exact.

The Run The Jewels MC cited statistics on Black people's accumulation of land during this time and also mentioned how their value rose greatly due being the sole source of various forms of skilled labor. He then drew connections to the current immigration situation in America, arguing that, even if Republicans wish to send immigrants back or deny them entrance, America's economy will always rely on a slave class. "And if illegal immigrants or legal immigrants will not be the lowest paid workers, those in prison will be and that always ends up looking like one of their sons. So it circles back around," he forcefully stated. He then reached his conclusion: Black people should not be divided and argue with each other over allegiances to the two major political parties, but ask, "How are going to burn down both their fucking houses?". 

Watch the full discussion and get ALL the context below.