Killer Mike and Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia sat down on an Atlanta radio show Thursday morning to address the backlash surrounding their meeting earlier this week. 

Killer Mike was dragged on social media for meeting with the controversial politician. His staunchly conservative views, history of voter suppression, and loyalty to President Trump have been unpopular to say the least.

The two were guests on Shelley Wynter's "Word on the Street" show, where they offered details about the specifics of their meeting. Killer Mike explained that he wanted to advocate for more opportunities for minorities to receive trade education and employment contracts with local government. Kemp added that the two discussed initiatives to combat human trafficking at length, which has become a major problem in the metro Atlanta area.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

When asked why he sat down with the governor in the first place, Killer Mike was adamant about his opinion on Kemp as an individual. "More than anything, I’m a Southerner. I’m a Black man. I’ve been raised in a traditionally Democratic city. But my state is pretty conservative, always has been. So as a Southern man, I connected pretty much instantly with him," he said. "Politics and policy don’t matter to me as much as human decency and principles, and he seemed to be a principled human being when I talked to him.”