In the past, Russ and J. Cole have drawn the ire of fans as they've each had lengthy "Fuck *insert name here*" campaigns in the last year. After J. Cole sat down with Lil Pump, the two seemed to clear up their differences, ending the insults being thrown against him for the time being. Russ is still a victim of mass hatred from the hands of angry men and women around the world but it looks like Vic Mensa could be stepping up to join him soon. During a recent Kid Trunks show, the XXXTentacion affiliate and Members Only artist decided to begin a new campaign after hearing of Vic Mensa's insults aimed towards the late X, leading the crowd in an angry chant against the rapper.

The "777" artist urged fans to join him in yelling "Fuck Vic Mensa" during his performance, clearly angry about the comments the Chicago performer made about XXX. The crowd was pretty enthusiastic too as Trunks led them into the yells. 

Kid Trunks is not alone in trashing Vic Mensa as Trippie Redd has also invited the SaveMoney artist to a fist fight. Adam22 said yesterday that Vic's music would "never mean anything," adding that it would never make even 1% of the impact that X's did. People have been up in arms about the lines Vic uttered during his BET Awards cypher. We'll see if the network decides to edit out his part or keep it in.