Recently we were able to chop it up with Kid Ink, who dropped off a huge banger of a single today, "Show Me" with Chris Brown. The single will no doubt put him on radios across the country, which will drum up anticipation for the release of his debut album on his RCA label.

We spoke to Ink about working with RCA and the possibility of a mixtape prior to his album. As the West Coast native says, it's no longer just up to him to drop a free mixtape whenever he feels, so with that in mind, he put out an EP to serve as a warm-up to the LP.

"My main focus has been the album. And what happened was, when the summer hit, I wanted to drop a mixtape, but you know, when you work with a label, it's not really like you can just drop a mixtape. So we created the EP Almost Home which was just for the summer music. I didn't want fans to get it confused like I was holdin off on the album or anything, the album is still in process, due out in December-- I'm not giving any number dates yet. We're finishing it up right now and it sounds crazy," Ink explained.

As the interview continues, the rapper talks about his music reaching overseas (he'll be heading on a European tour in the Fall), as well, he reveals the country he's visited that was the hardest to adjust too. We get more personal with the rapper as he touches on his fashion inspirations, his favorite designer and his first tattoo.

Peep the interview in full below.