The biggest story to emerge from the quartet of songs released by Drake over the weekend is not that he will release a project called More Life in December, but the shots taken at Kid Cudi on "2 Birds, 1 Stone.":

"You were the man on the moon / Now you just go through your phases," he raps. "I'm like a real estate agent, putting you all in your places / Look what happens soon as you talk to me crazy / Is you crazy?"

Cudi is currently in rehab for "depression and suicidal urges." As such, many listeners found Drake's lyrics to be in poor taste. Drake casually brushed aside the criticism this morning on Instagram. "Mans need to stop mentioning my name when they get geeked," he wrote. "Supposed to be all love out here word to my bro Pablo."

Cudi's manager Dennis Cummings broke his silence on Twitter Tuesday morning and did not have very nice things to say about the 6 God's tactics. "Drake corny as fuck," he tweeted. "How Aubrey and his writers take a shot with the same hands they used to beg for a feature?"