On Saturday, Kanye West started a conversation about streaming  service exclusivity when he called for Apple Music to acquire Tidal. "The Tidal Apple Music beef is fucking up the music game," he said, before calling for Apple to cut a check to Jay Z for Tidal, and asking the company to "let the kids have their music."

Ye also suggested that reps from Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify get in the same room later this week to discuss a solution to the current competitive situation, a tweet which Kid Cudi has now directly responded to.

"This is why the game is fucked up," Cudi said, quoting West's tweet. "All this shit is wack. Bunch of rich guys on a power trip. This shit aint about music. Never has.The rich just wanna get richer. Spare me ... The art is lost."

It seems that Cudi is just as frustrated with the state of the music industry as West, but is a little less hopeful that things can be worked out in a way that benefits the art. Read his tweets below.