We may be seeing more of Moon Man and Slim Shady together, according to one of the former's latest tweets. Last week, Cudi and Em fans alike were treated to a very exciting collab between the two of them in the form of "The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady." Cudi let his daughter Vada do the honours of announcing the collab a few days prior to its release, and once it dropped, fans were overjoyed. Although there was some mild discrepancies over how Cudi felt about the final product of the track, he quickly cleared that up, insisting that he couldn't be more thrilled about working with Em. It looks like there could be more where that came from, as Cudi responded to a fan's inquiry indicating that he and Em may be linking up again soon.

kid cudi Eminem collaboration tease The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim ShadyKevin Winter/Getty Images

On Wednesday (July 15th), Cudi hopped on Twitter to interact with fans a bit, admitting that the app can be "exciting" sometimes. In response to one of his tweets, a fan asked if he would have "more songs with em" in the near future, to which Cudi replied, "I think so!!" While it's not much, this definitely shuts down any speculation that their collab was a one-time thing, and hopefully means that we'll be hearing some more Em x Cudi sooner than later.

Do you want another collab between these two?