Kid Cudi has been outspoken about his upcoming project with Dot Da Genius, WZRD, saying that it forays into new territories music-wise.

Although Cudi may loose fans with the new direction he is going in, in a recent interview with Redbull he explains that he is making this music for himself and not for the consumer, “I just went ahead and just wanted to make some shit that was for me,” Cudder said. “I think about the kids very little and think about what I want to make, more than anything. We were working and creating something, we think too much about the consumer and lose our way. And then we become machines and that’s not how it’s supposed to be, at least for me.”

Cudi also says that what he and Dot are doing musically is different from what any other artist is doing at the moment, “I think every artist wants a Grammy, no matter what they say. When they say Grammy, I think of Michael Jackson,” he said. “We are really doing something that nobody else is doing, and I can honestly sit here confident and say that, without being cocky or over-the-top.”