Kid Cudi has been on a prolific tear these days, much to the delight of his many loyal fans. Though he only recently finished releasing Man On The Moon III: The Chosen, the climactic chapter of his long-running trilogy, it would appear that Cudi is already putting in work some new material. In fact, the rapper slash humming aficionado took to social media to test the waters on a work-in-progress, looking to his fans for opinions.

As is often the case when previewing unfinished material, Cudi made sure to deliver a preface. "Im still writing!!" he confirms. "Wasnt sure about it and wanted to get ur opinions. Tell me what u think!! I love you!!" Being that this went down in the middle of the night, specifically 4 in the morning, Cudi noted that "only a lucky few" would be able to chime in. 

The song in question, tentatively titled "Wow Wow Wow," was previewed on Cudi's Instagram story. Musically, the song finds Cudi taking to up-tempo drums and faint organs, his voice tinged with slight distortion. Though it's difficult to make out some of the lyrics, it would appear that, at the very least, Cudi has whipped up an infectious chorus -- and based on the smile he flashes at the end, it's likely that he knows it.

Kid Cudi

 Jason Koerner/Getty Images 

Perhaps we'll see this one surface on Entergalacticwhich is currently slated to be released in 2022. Check out the snippet to "Wow Wow Wow" below, and sound off with your thoughts below.