The past month has been an incredible time for music. The G.O.O.D Music run of five Kanye West produced albums gave us something to look forward to each week. Despite how you feel about Kanye's antics, it's hard to deny that he did an impeccable job on the production for his own album, Kids See GhostsDaytonaNasir and K.T.S.E. Out of the two Kanye projects, his collaboration with Kid Cudi seemed to be the favorable choice among fans. However, it seems like Cudi has some more music up his sleeves.

Kid Cudi shared his gratitude to his fans for the reception on Kids See Ghosts on Twitter earlier today but he also shared some good news as well. Cudi revealed that he has "more madness on the way." Hopefully, this is an indication of a new solo project coming before the end of the year or a tour of some sort. 

"Hey! I just wanna say thank you to everyone who supported KIDS SEE GHOSTS!!!" He wrote. "It was a new thing for both of us and it really means a lot to see yall lovin the jams. I LOVE YALL WITH ALL MY HEART!! More madness on the horizon!!"

Kid Cudi received a lot of praise following the release of Kids See Ghosts with some people saying that it's some of the best work they've heard from him since his debut album. Cudi's currently in a zone right now and we're stoked to hear what else he has up his sleeve.