Kid Cudi's Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven was a divisive project, and whether positively or negatively, everyone seemed to feel pretty strongly about it. Andre 3000, a man known to think ahead of the curve, had nothing but praise for the album, and today on Twitter, the creator of the experimental LP had a few words himself. 

"Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven is the most important album right now in existance [sic]," he wrote on Twitter. "In 5 years, maybe sooner, ull see its impact. It was for the kids sitting at home dreaming of doing something creatively brave. Wanting to explore different musical realms."

From there, he shared some thoughts on creativity, encouraging his followers to trust their own vision. "Creative bravery is rare in mainstream music," he said. "It is my job to keep showing folks you can do whatever you want and be successful. Everyone. Integrity in tact. Stand for something. Cause not a lot of people do in this business. Keep exploring man. In life, in art. Just go for it. Trust me. People are always gonna hate on what they don't understand. No matter what you do. So just trust you and watch what happens."

Cudi recently announced a new album titled, Passion, Pain & DEMON SLAYIN’, which by the sounds of Cudi's mindset, will once again be an uncompromising work. Read his tweets below.