Kid Cudi has constantly been growing and re-inventing his sound as he matures as an artist. His maturation included doing a rock album, WZRD, and leaving the G.O.O.D. Music label to focus on his own imprint. Although Cudder may continue to change, for fans, nothing really compares to the classic Cudi we were introduced to back in the day with his A KiD Named CuDi mixtape.

A KiD Named CuDi was a project Cudi worked on with frequent collaborators Plain Pat and Emile. Their collaborative work continued on, with Cudi's albums, Man On The Moon I & II. It looks like the artist and two producers haven't finished collaborating yet, as Kid Cudi recently revealed during a Twitter Q&A with fans that a Man On The Moon III album is "definitely happening!" 

FreeOnSmash has also confirmed that all three persons involved are interested in doing MOTM3, they just need to get in the lab. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.

[UPDATE: Kid Cudi Says "Man On The Moon III" Will Arrive In 2015]

Kid Cudi was once again on Twitter tweeting about the third installment of his Man On The Moon series, and he kept things simple with announcing a year we can expect the album.

Cudder tweeted, "MOTM3            2015." It's a little preemptive to start tweeting about the album this early on, but the fans seem excited nonetheless.