A few weeks ago Kid Cudi sent out a lengthy series of tweets, venting about his place in the music industry and his own personal demons. Although dark at times (he referenced suicidal thoughts), he was also resolute to continue making music, including an album that would come out this summer. Now we have further confirmation from Cudi himself.

Kid Cudi posted a video on Instagram showing his personal script with the comment, “My new album is titled…” The video pans out to show the words Passion, Pain & DEMON SLAYIN’, which is a pretty good title given Kid Cudi’s creative stylings and constant battle with his inner demons. The video doesn’t show anything except the piece of paper, but the kid from Cleveland toyed with the idea of releasing a snippet of the music on Twitter. Sounds like he's farther along than we expected. He also confirmed he would be touring after the album's release.

The question is, will the album be more Man On The Moon or Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven?