It's always good to see Kid Cudi in high spirits. He publicly struggled with depression and substance abuse for so long that, whenever he shares with the world that he's in a good place, it instantly brightens your day. All his recent press and project announcements have confirmed that he's thriving, but another update on his mental health was given when he tweeted on Monday, "Everything's perfect in my life."

Since then, Cudi has shared some more tweets radiating love and joy, specifically towards his daughter. After expressing how much he loves talking to his 9-year-old daughter, Vada - a sentiment seemingly mentioned because he's separated from her at the moment - he revealed that he got her to join him in the studio recently. When she was there, she took over the session and was kind enough to ask her dad to join her on a track. "She let me feature on it which I thought was an honor," Cudder tweeted. He followed up that tweet emphasizing that Vada is undoubtedly "a star!!!"

Perhaps the daddy-daughter song will be featuring on Cudi's upcoming album, Entergalactic, slated for release next year. About the album, Cudi said, "Entergalactic is a fantasy. It's what I wish I had. I live a very lonely life, but I have hope I'll find someone someday."A Netflix animated adult series will be accompanying Entergalactic, which Cudi will collaborate with Kenya Barris to produce