Kid Cudi's new partnership with Postmastes fits with the going trend set by the #applife underground. The one-time deal saw Kid Cudi curate a special 420-inspired "Munchies Menu" for the courier service/app. The food items were selected from restaurant menus across America from which Cudi relies upon when he tours or travels. Evidently, the Cleveland-born rapper/singer never falls short on his weed consumption, so wherever he goes in the States, he's got a location picked out to satisfy his stomach rumblings.

Dominique Charriau/WireImage/Getty Images

"Most of the inspiration behind the names on the munchies menu comes from inside jokes with friends and nicknames earned over the years," he told his new business partners, in the statement they issued to the press this afternoon.

Cudi's "Munchies Menu" will be available for a short period of time while the "Kids See Ghosts" member moonlights at Coachella during his favorite holiday. The menu options read as follows. Make sure to check the geo-location before you hit the purchase button. Mind you, Postmates has every intention of covering the distance for #applifers within a Chicago-area net radius. Happy 420 y' all.

Harold's Chicken Shack (Chicago)

Melty Valls of Cheese
The Italian Spud
Creamy, Crispy, Carb Bites
What Kind of Cake?
Chicken Lady
Petite Taqueria (Los Angeles)

Rockosius Tacos

Willy's Nachos
General Cud Burrito
Double Decker Taco
Sweet Baby Churros
Ms Cheezious (Miami)

Campfire Desser

Fancy Carbs & Cheese
The Good Sandwich
Sweet Breakfast Dessert
Skinny Cheese Potatoes
Hole in the Wall Pizza (San Francisco)

Lemme Hit It
Cookie Nuggets
Lit Pizza
Anti-Vampire Bread
Thicc Chicken Fries
Milk Bar (New York City)

Cornflake/Chocolate Chip/Marshmallow Cookie

Greatest Hits Combo
The BFC (Best Freaking Cookie) LIFE Cookie
Crack Pie Slice
Egg & Cheddar Bomb