Kid Cudi is coming back into the fray in more ways than one. He recently announced his next album, the feature-less Speedin' Bullet to Heaven, will be out "really really soon," and next week, we can catch Cudder in the "Entourage" movie, in which he'll play Ari Gold's personal assistant. There's long been both music and acting for Cudi but, this morning, we found out he also fancies himself quite the poet. 

Cudi tweeted a picture of a handwritten letter and quickly followed with a tweet that read: "Not a song." Immediately, the poem strikes a serious note, as Cudi imagines his death and plans for his funeral. Throughout the poem, we learn Cudi wants a closed-casket funeral, as well as separate ceremonies for fans and family. He even touched on his burial proceedings: He wants to be "sent through a worm hole with all my music and my story on a jump drive, if possible." Sounds about right. 

Read the poem, and tell us if you think Cudi is a poetic genius.