Not long ago, several fans wondered whether Kid Cudi had drifted gracefully into a pseudo-retirement. However, the narrative was shaken upon the arrival of Kids See Ghosts, his joint collaboration with Kanye West. While brief, the project remained an affirmation of his talents, and a reminder that the Man On The Moon trendsetter is still putting in work. Since then, amidst an appearance at Camp Flog Gnaw, Cudi has been biding his time, awaiting his next move. As it happens, it would appear said move is closer than initially believed.

A few days back, Cudi took to Twitter to preview some new vibes. Opting to go caption-free, he let the music speak for itself. Bold, though slightly frustrating in its vagueness. Is it meant for a new album, or merely a loosie? Either way, fans have come to experience a pavlovian response to the sound of Cudi's signature hum. Though brief, it certainly sounds like a promising, melodic sample. Keep an eye out for more updates on Cudi's next move, which will likely arise whenever he sees fit.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images