Kid Cudi failed to show up at the fifth annual Roots Picnic, where he was set to headline the second day of the festival.

The event was June 3rd, funnily enough, another East Coast show happening that night also lost its headliner- Nicki Minaj. 

Instead of Cudder, attendees got a performance by The Roots themselves, along with Freeway, Skillz and Jakk Frost.

However, Kid Cudi apologized to fans and took to his Tumblr to explain the situation, which was because of problems with his private jet.

"I wanna apologize to everyone who came out the Roots Picnic today. Im really bummed out about not being able to come through for yall. Its not my style to flake or be a no show, so ima let everyone know right now what happened. The PJ I was on departed on time. 30mins into the flight the pilots noticed they smelled smoke in the cockpit of the plane and came back to tell us we had to make an emergency stop and land immediately. The closest city was Vegas and we landed there safely. While grounded, we scrambled to get a brand new plane in time but it just couldnt work. With actually waitin on the next plane to land then de plane and then fuel wouldve had me in town around 1am maybe later at that point. The events that took place were out of my control, but either way, what happened was some bullshit and im mad. I cant front im mad. Ive had a shitty week and i was lookin forward to being around that energy. It really sux, and Iam very very sorry to all. To The Roots, bravo with another successful picnic otherwise. Im sure everyone had fun with all the other dope acts on the bill. Mad love to all, and thank U for your understanding and concern. Scott"