Kid Cudi's been relatively low-key these days but fans are hoping that he drops a new project his year. The rapper celebrated his 35th birthday last month with the likes of Kanye West, Pete Davidson, and Timothe Chamalat. The rapper recently copped a little celebratory gift for himself: a colorful custom BAPE chain created by none other than Ben Baller.

According to TMZ, Kid Cudi dropped a cool $275K on this brand new chain that was designed by the creator of BAPE, Nigo. The rapper then commissioned Ben Baller to bring the piece to life. The BAPE camo chain is iced out with a pendant, carried by a custom BAPE camo puffy link chain. The pendant includes black diamonds for the rapper's hair and white diamonds for his t-shirt. Ben Baller used Cognac diamonds for the rapper's face, canary diamonds for the rings and blue diamonds for his pants. The red eyes are made up of rubies. This isn't the first time Cudder has connected with BAPE, the rapper appeared in a few of their collections in the past. 

Kid Cudi's known to be innovative with anything he touches, whether it be music or fashion and clearly, jewelry's added to that list.

Aside from his latest piece, Cudi recently teased some new music which will hopefully be out later this year. Peep the snippet here.