It's only been a few days since his departure from G.O.O.D. Music was announced, but Kid Cudi is already planning big things for his own business endeavors. The rapper is coming back to his Wicked Awesome Records label, which he had announced a few years ago but never really focused on until now. He also has plans with his friend and fellow Cleveland native, King Chip, whom he may do a joint project with.

Cudder visited Rikki Martinez on Power 106 in L.A., alongside King Chip, and spoke on three features in particular on indicud, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar and Michael Bolton, before getting into life after G.O.O.D. Music and his plans for Wicked Awesome.

Cudi explained putting Rocky on "Brothers" with King Chip, "When I met him [A$AP Rocky] I didn't have a record prior, we come in the studio and we make something from scratch, you know. But you know, just sitting there and vibing with him and feeling his energy it was like, man, this is like a young homie. This is somebody who really looks up to me in a way I've never really witnessed 'cause I'm still fairly new in the business. I came out at a time where there wasn't much going on creatively, and I inspired a whole new wave of emcee and that's overwhelming," Kid Cudi said. "And we got in the studio and I felt like this is someone I could have known my whole life, just the young homie from around the way, just cool as hell. Then throwing Chip in the equation, like you said, Chip is my brother anyways, so it just kinda made sense. And I wanted to put together a record for young black men to just really listen too and vibe too and really understand the concept of what a brother is 'cause I think niggas got it twisted." Cudder went on to discuss K. Dot on "Solo Dolo Pt. II" explaining it as a re-imagining of the first "Solo Dolo."

Cudi finished off the interview by discussing Wicked Awesome, "Wicked Awesome was there officially when I did WZRD. That was the first project that I did on Wicked Awesome and it was an outlet for me to just branch out on my own, and creatively and business-wise take things to a different space for me. Wicked Awesome..where do I see it going? Right now it's just the music but who knows? Wicked Awesome is maybe gunna be beyond music it could be movies, it could be a lot of things, producing T.V. shows. Just the name I think is really dope it has a ring to it."

The rapper continued, explaining the motivation behind his label. "The whole motivation is just bringing authenticity back to the forefront. Bringing real content, bringing real emotion. The realness. And I'm not talking about street realness. Fuck all that. Fuck yo money, fuck yo jewelry, fuck yo cars, fuck all yo bitches that you got. Them shits don't make you cool no more. that's obsolete now. I'm establishing that in hip-hop.That doesn't determine if you're a real man or not, you could have all that and still be a chump. Wicked Awesome is about being a real human being, making real music, talking about real things that people deal with on a day-to-day basis."

Listen to the full interview below.