Like many others, Kid Cudi shared a few words about the mass shooting in Orlando over the weekend. While many celebrities chose to simply send "thoughts and prayers" to those affected, Cudi made sure to speak to the LGBT community. "I wish there was more I could do than tweet, build awareness and donate money. Thats not enough. Not for me," he wrote, before intructing any of his homophobic followers to unfollow him immediately. "IF YOU ARE AN INSECURE HOMOPHOBE AND HAVE A ISSUE WITH GAYS AND EQUALITY, UNFOLLOW ME NOW. THANK YOU," he said.

Cudi then took it upon himself to speak out about gay rights within rap. "The Hip Hop community is the least outspoken about gay rights and Ima go out my way to change that." Later on, Ty Dolla $ign co-signed Cudi's remarks, and Cudder responded to a few fans who thanked him for the statement. You can all of their tweets below.