Kid Cudi got plenty of fans pumped in October when he announced that he would be recording a Man On The Moon 3 album as well as a prelude EP to arrive prior to the album.

He made the announcement during a live show, and didn't reveal the EP's title at that time. Today, Cudder took to Twitter to gives fans the title and word that it's "coming soon," although who knows how soon "soon" is.

The forthcoming EP will be called KiD CuDi presents SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon. Stay tuned for more updates on the project when they arrive.

[Update: EP Slated To Drop Next Month]

Kid Cudi has revealed the expected release month for the SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey To Mother Moon EP, that being February. He also tweeted: "'Take It To The Satellite' means think beyond what you know, look beyond what you can see, feel beyond what you can touch. The vibes."

Word. Read some more of his tweets below: