Kid Buu has a penchant for sharing content that is steeped in the spirit of good ol' trolling. The entertainer's latest upload is causing some confusion since his following is having trouble determining whether his claims hold any truth. Buu hopped on social media to share a clip of a sonogram, hinting to his expecting twins. His caption seems to say as much: "Damn, having twins in 2019 might be ruff for the kids, I can only imagine that bullies will troll them at school and say they are clones." 

Although these words do not actually confirm his having fathered these kids or any other unborn children, fans are still speculating about what's to come. However, it can be confirmed that the mother is not Blac Chyna despite recent dating rumors. The name on the sonogram reads as Natasha, who remains a mystery woman for the time being. Chyna's legal name is Angela Renée White.

Those who are puzzled by the caption's humor should know that the entertainer is referring to his claims of being a clone. According to him, other artists like Gucci Mane have been cloned as well. If the sonogram does indicate future children, his concern might be warranted.