By the looks of Kid Buu's Instagram story uploads, he and Blac Chyna are still going at it and enjoying every moment together. A couple weeks back, Kid Buu was so down with Blac that he even egged on her foe, Alexis Skyy, claiming she was with Blac's ex, Rob Kardashian, just for clout. Times have changed, and now Kid has issued an apology to Alexis, taking back everything he's ever said "about this bad ting."

Kid uploaded an image of Alexis to his Instagram story and even shared a screenshot of the message he sent her over Instagram. "I know it's probably too late to take things back but I want to apologize about earlier today I was out of place I should've never gotten involved in Yalls two business," he wrote. "Truthfully has nothing to do with me."

Before Kid posted his shout-outs to Alexis, he was put on blast for sliding into other women's DMs which sparked Blac to share an announcement that she was single. 

Kid Buu and his apology is probably the last thing on Alexis' mind since her daughter has just come out of brain surgery, thankfully recovering just fine.