Kid Buu shocked the world with his claims of having escaped from a cloning facility. The rapper revealed his strange background during his interview with DJ Vlad. Some people's initial reaction the conversation was to wonder why anyone would name themselves after a Dragon Ball Z villain. Most viewers, however, were calling Kid Buu's bluff. In an attempt to prove his story, the entertainer shared a video of himself chilling with one of his clones.

The video shows the rapper sitting on a couch, beckoning his clone. The second Kid Buu tries to cover up his identity with a hoodie at first. After receiving a little push from his engineered twin, he removes the hood to show his face. Both men have the same facial structure and even the same hairstyle and coloring. On top of all that, they have the exact same tattoos. Who knew cloning could be this specific!? They are so alike, they might as well be the same person. Check it.


The social media user reactions to the video land on a wide range. Some explain, "WAYMENT," while others dig the apparent sense of humor. Others prove to be discouraged by commenting on the state of society and its values.