There's beef brewing in the studio streets. Trippie Redd's latest album, !, was released last month and debuted at the No. 3 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The 20-year-old rapper has been enjoying the success of his record, but this week, fellow rapper and now former friend Kid Buu accused Trippie of being a thief. 

In a video uploaded to social media, Kid Buu made it clear that Trippie can't be trusted in the studio. "If you showing any unreleased music to Trippie Redd, be very careful," he began. "If the song is hot, this n*gga might take the sh*t and upload hisself to his album. I'm talking straight facts. It happened to me. I showed him a song back in April on my birthday. I wanted him to be on my album, my single. He called me back singing it, telling me not to drop it, he was gon' drop a verse."

"The n*gga went ghost on me. His album drops and then I see this sh*t," he said as he points to a computer screen. He singles out Trippie's track "I Try" from !, stating that the song he shared with Trippie was of the same name. Kid Buu then plays both tracks back to back and they're pretty much the same beat. 

Trippie responded to Buu's allegations of thievery by saying that his track was created back in 2018. He added that he wanted Buu to get on his record, but he "kicked him off the song because he was so damn trash." Trippie claims he "had to update the beat" to "make it sound better" then decided to release it on his own. Kid Buu replied to Trippie's remarks, saying he's not mad, but he is disappointed. Check it out for yourself.