As Kim now has two kids to take care of, Khloe has stepped up as the fiercest vixen of the three Kardashian sisters. She has just scored her first spot on the cover of GQ, though it comes on the German edition of the men's magazine. On the cover, she wears a black leather leotard that looks like it was extremely painful to squeeze into. Though the look on Khloe's face suggests she doesn't mind a little roughhousing; as the Germans know, pain is pleasure. Khloe posted some images from the shoot to her Instagram, including one of her sprawled out on a Firebird in some very kinky pants. 

Khloe's make-up artist, Joyce Bonelli, posted a behind-the-scenes clip from the shoot, and the footage gives a rearview perspective that wasn't offered in the magazine. My God look at that thing. It truly defies nature in every way ... but that doesn't mean it ain't a thing of beauty.