For some, the idea of a pregnant Kardashian is among one of life's greatest joys. It's no surprise, as Keeping Up With The Kardashians remains one of America's most loved reality shows, and at the very least, a new baby will all but ensure some new material. Khloe Kardashian is the latest of the socialite family to be pregnant, and she has been busy making the promotional rounds, including a stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live. There, she revealed finding out the big news, explaining to Kimmel how the whole thing played out. 

"[Tristan Thompson] kept saying 'You're pregnant!' and I was like 'Be quiet, I'm not pregnant.' I was nauseous, not feeling well, and then he had to leave the country and I took a pregnancy test and I was, like, screaming. It's so weird and surreal," says Khloe, before revealing how she managed to get her hands on a test without being made by fiending paparazzi. "I had my trusty assistant do it."So, it was Alexa, my assistant, Tristan and I. We were the only ones that knew for a few weeks until I was able to tell my family." 

Speaking of her family, they seem eager to dole out the parenting wisdom. "A lot of it is unwanted . . . Kourtney gives a lot of advice, and I think it's so sweet, but I don't want to do some of that stuff," she said. "And it's like either, you have to be, like, you can never have a plastic toy ever and I'm like if someone buys fucking blocks, I'm allowed to have blocks." 

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