Khloe Kardashian and French Montana have had their ups and downs in their relatively new relationship. After appearing to break up at the end of the summer (their adventures from the summer are currently being aired on "Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons"), French remained vague as to whether or not they were still together, just friends, or done for good. In various interviews he referred to Khloe as his "baby" while avoiding to fully answer the question. Nonetheless, the public deemed them back together when Khloe was caught grinding on French during Kendall Jenner's birthday festivities, plus the fact that Khloe came out to celebrate French's birthday as well.

Well, despite appearing to be on good terms, the Kardashian clan is reportedly encouraging Khloe to axe French, this, according to TMZ. TMZ reports that French has been cheating on Khloe while travelling in Abu Dhabi were he allegedly used Khloe's sister Kim as a cover. Sources say that French cheated on Khloe while he was abroad, however he hoped to deceive Khloe by hanging out with Kim and using her as a cover for his activities on the side. When Kim returned from Abu Dhabi, she allegedly told Khloe she had only seen French Montana for "10 seconds here and there" and so her family believes he was using Kim to divert attention from his side chick.

Of course, this being TMZ, take everything with a grain of salt.