According to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian was very torn about naming her newborn child amid her baby dad's philandering ways. Tristan's body count has not budged since the 5th and final leak, but the timing couldn't have been more impractical for it to cease. Tristan's Cavalier are down one game-to-nil, the family has essentially turned their back on him. Even Kanye reportedly wanted to put hands on his would-be-brother-in-law.

It appears that Khloe was also contemplating her future up to the dying minutes of her water breaking. Khloe had chosen the name "True" about a month ago, and it was also the child would be given her father's last name. Apparently her plan went on the fritz as soon as she caught wind of Tristan's cheating ways, days before she went into labour. She was completely torn When it came time to fill out the baby's gift certificate with either "Kardashian" or "Thompson."

Sources say it took her a few days to complete the signature and come to her decision. She ultimately chose "Thompson" to many people's surprise. Apparently a close friend of Khloe's had made an order for personalized baby gear at Petit Tresor in Beverly Hills, and chose to hold off on the embroidery of "TT" until further notice.