Rapper Khia has never been one to hold her tongue when it comes to sharing her opinion, and she had much to say about Billy Porter's Academy Awards tuxedo-gown. The acclaimed actor turned heads while on the Oscars red carpet in his velvet, Christian Siriano ensemble. The social media feedback regarding Porter's look was overwhelming, bringing in both cheers and jeers from onlookers. Khia expressed her displeasure about Porter's attire on social media, sharing that men shouldn't wear dresses.

Khia stated in her video that she doesn't care if a man is gay, but he needs to "dress like a boy" and pick a side. "It ain't gon' be half-tuxedo at the top and ballgown at the bottom," Khia said. "That ain't how none of this s**t work." Porter, who anticipated that there would be some who didn't approve of his choices previously commented, "People are going to be really uncomfortable with my black ass in a ballgown, but it’s not anybody’s business but mine."

There has been backlash, but the Pose star hasn't been swayed by any negativity as he defended his custom Oscars gown."I was ready to create the conversation," Porter told The Associated Press. "We have to teach people how to treat us, we have to teach people how to love us, we have to teach people how to respect us, and the only way we do that is to respect ourselves."