Fabolous recently said he doesn't think artists should pick who they go up against during these Instagram Live Battles, but that hasn't stopped people from calling out their fellow entertainers. The animosity between Khia and Trina has been well-documented for years, and the "My Neck, My Back" rapper continues to antagonize her foe. This time, Khia wants all the smoke, and she wants to take their beef to IG Live.

A clip of Khia speaking with someone about previous battles began to circulate on Tuesday (May 5) and it sounded as if the rapper wasn't familiar with the ongoing trend. She asked how they navigate the IG Battles and got excited at the prospect of doing one of her own. "Oh, I wish somebody would do—who want to try me like that?" Khia said enthusiastically. "Who?!" While Khia was caught up in her own laughter, the person on the line said, "Trina." Then, Khia called out Trina and asked if she wanted to go head-to-head. "I got 285 hits to put on your ass."

Trina may have not responded to the request, but social media was swift. Initially, fans were quick to say that Khia only has one real hit record, but her fans chimed in to defend the rapper by saying she is well equipped to go up against Trina. Check out Khia challenging the Miami rapper below along with a few mixed reactions, as well. Would you tune in to see this one?