These days, going platinum is no easy accomplishment, especially without any features on deck. However, the nineteen year old El-Paso singer Khalid can officially cross that one off his bucket list. As of yesterday, his debut album American Teen has been certified platinum by the RIAA, after going gold back in June. Khalid took to IG to make the celebratory announcement, writing "Earlier this year, I told myself that March 3rd was going to be the day that changed my life forever. 7 months later, American Teen is Platinum. Thank you guys so much for EVERYTHING! I love you guys! A debut album with NO features. LETS GOOOO."

You have to give Khalid props for this one. As a young artist, it's not easy to go platinum, especially in such a short time frame. Plus, Khalid managed to do it without ever resorting to obnoxious radio ubiquity, opting instead to get by on the strength of his talent and songwriting. Songs like "Young, Dumb, And Broke" and "Location" were both huge singles, and Khalid's honest lyricism and vulnerable voice clearly won the hearts of a generation of his fellow teenagers. It seems as if the young singer is poised for some big moves, and while American Teen was a great album, there's no doubt that Khalid will only get better with time. Congratulations Khalid! 

In other news, the recently platinum singer stopped by Stephen Colbert for a performance of his hit single "Young, Dumb, & Broke." Watch that clip below, where Khalid busts a move alongside his smooth live band. He certainly has emerged as one of the genre's most dynamic live performers, but if you're ever at one of his shows, keep your hands to yourself. Khalid may be a platinum artist, but he recently spoke out against non-consensual crotch grabbing at concerts. So if you happen to find yourself in Khalid's vicinity, be sure to showcase some self restraint.