Khalid is one of the fastest-rising stars in the R&B world. His album American Teen produced singles like "Location" and "Young, Dumb and Broke," giving him some sustained radio chart success to go along with the RIAA's Platinum certification for the LP. With this new level of fame, his fan base has certainly grown and, to his credit, Khalid isn't shying away from meeting and greeting the throngs of adoring supporters that clamor to catch a glimpse of him at public events or concerts. However, sometimes those fan encounters cross a line and he's not afraid to speak his mind about those incidents.

The singer recently took to Twitter to publicly air his grievances with a fan who, by all accounts, got a little too handsy in his presence. "I go to talk to a fan and she grabs my ass," Khalid stated. "How f**kin old are we???" He added that he didn't want to lump all fan interactions under the same unseemly umbrella, but he let it be known that he wasn't a fan of being disrespected when all he was doing in the first place was trying to talk with his fans. Check out his initial tweets on the incident below.

When asked what his response was in the moment to the groping, the answer was a simple one. "I left," said Khalid, adding that he ignored because he wasn't down to show his anger in a public manner like that, especially with his supporters watching. All this being said, it's safe to assume that this sort of problem is a recurring one where Khalid's shows and other scheduled appearances are concerned, since this isn't the first time he's verbalized his frustrations on the matter. Earlier this year, he called out his fans for their inappropriate behavior after a crotch-grabbing moment occurred during one of his live performances.

Khalid's final word on the incident was that this kind of behavior is, to put it bluntly, unacceptable. Of all the recent stories of this nature that have made headlines in recent weeks, most have to do with female victims. In this case, he was out to prove that, no matter what you might hear from the more macho members of the hip-hop community, anyone can be on the receiving end of unwanted advances. Check out his follow-ups via Twitter below.