If you don't acknowledge the charity work you've done in your city, people will automatically assume that you're not doing anything to help out and that's wrong. There are people, like Khalid, who prefer not to publicize all of the philanthropic work they've done, keeping that type of information to himself and those that he has helped. With all the resources that the R&B superstar has at this point, you've got to believe that he's been trying to assist in areas where he can, funding charities close to his heart and launching foundations in his hometown, but still, somebody felt like trying him on Twitter today.

When one person tweeted that Khalid has taken advantage of underground community support, stolen people's money in El Paso and never done anything of note in his community, the singer rightfully put them down. "Actually, I created a foundation that supports music & schools in underserved communities," he began. "It starts in El Paso and my goal is to provide resources and help bridge education and prominent music programs in the city. I’m giving 30,000 in scholarships next month."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

That's not all he's done though. He felt a need to continue in another post. "I’ve donated a shit load of money in El Paso, and these past two christmas’ I have came and personally handed out Christmas gifts to kids in the city as well," he explained. 

Khalid doesn't necessarily need to clarify what he's done in his community. However, he felt a need to let everybody know that he's not playing around and that he really does rep the 915.