Following Khabib’s threat to leave the UFC last week, 50 Cent has been trying to get the Russian fighter to join his fighting league at Bellator. Fif reportedly said he offer Khabib $2 million dollars to switch fighting leagues, but that doesn’t look to be nowhere near enough for him. According to Khabib’s manager that’s a garbage offer, and no way he’ll leave for $2 million.  "For $2 million, [that won't even] open a Coca-Cola bottle for Khabib," he told TMZ over the weekend. "Khabib make a lot of money. We talk about $50 MILLION and up, we can talk. But $2 mil? This is garbage.”

Well on Monday evening, 50 Cent shared the article TMZ published on his Instagram page, saying Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, was “another case of bad representation,” before calling his suit cheap.

Shortly after 50 Cent’s post went up, Khabib’s manager caught wind of it and jumped in the comments, saying all sorts of crazy talk to 50 Cent. He told 50 that if he wants to talk shit he can do so by tagging him on IG, which Curtis didn’t do, and that he’s just doing all this for attention. Ali Abdelaziz did acknowledge the trolling and attention isn’t bad for him and he gets it, but he just wants to be “relevant”.

“I get it it’s not bad for you or him, but get the fuck out of here with your 2 million you just want to be relevant,” Khabib’s manager tells him.

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