UFC's big money rematch between Conor McGregor and undefeated Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov should happen sometime this year, according to UFC President Dana White.

However, Khabib seems less than enthused about giving McGregor another title shot.

“[Laughs] We’ll see,” Nurmagomedov told reporters in Australia when asked about the rematch (H/T MMA Fighting). “He doesn’t deserve this. Rematch for what? Before last fight he talked, talked but when we were inside the cage he don’t do nothing.”

Speaking with reporters ahead of Saturday’s UFC on ESPN+ 1 event, Dana White once again noted that McGregor is eager to get back in the octagon against anybody, but especially for another shot at Khabib's belt.

“He’ll fight anybody,” White said. “Obviously he would love the rematch with Khabib, but he’ll fight anybody.”

Shortly after White unveiled the UFC and ESPN's new Legacy Championship Belt today, McGregor took to twitter to proclaim, "OK I'm back."

“It’s one of the main things I love about Conor McGregor: The belt means a lot to him and being a world champion means everything to him,” White told ESPN in an Instagram chat (H/T MMA Junkie). “I love it. … 100 percent (it still means everything to him). 100 percent.”

Last month, the Nevada State Athletic Commission officials unanimously granted Nurmagomedov a continuance in the UFC 229 case at the monthly meeting in Las Vegas. McGregor's camp was previously granted a continuance in his case, and now both fighters are scheduled to appear before the court at the next NSAC meeting on January 29.

Both will remain temporarily suspended until the situation is resolved.