In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Kentucky Fried Chicken is pulling an advertising campaign after receiving complaints about their irresponsible message.

The fast-food giant has suspended it’s “Finger Lickin Good” campaign in the U.K. according to a report from TheBlast. The campaign focuses on extreme finger-licking and included KFC’s famous “finger-lickin' good” tagline. The commercial includes people who were so impressed while eating KFC chicken they had to lick their fingers fully after the meal. 

With the coronavirus spreading through Europe and the world, some viewers found it downright irresponsible to air that commercial. More than 150 people complained to the U.K.’s advertising review board, and therefore on Thursday, KFC pulled the ads.

A spokesperson for Advertising Standards Authority said: “We have been in touch with KFC, who had already taken the decision to withdraw the ad before we had informed them of the complaints. On that basis, we won’t be taking any further action on this occasion.”

The fast-food chain isn’t alone however. In recent days, Coors Light and Hershey Co. have also pulled ads over fears that depicting hugs and handshakes or making jokes about working from home could be seen as insensitive. We’ll continue to keep you posted on the coronavirus pandemic moving forward.