Finger-lickin' chicken joint KFC has called on Pizza Hut for the crossover of the century: "The KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza." The fast food chains are pulling out all the stops to celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th in the U.K., by combining all the elements that make both of their signature dishes so popular. Pizza Hut’s crispy pan-style crust base is drizzled with KFC’s classic gravy, coated in mozzarella cheese, topped with sweet corn and, of course, we can't forget the pieces of Popcorn Chicken. This unusual pairing will be available as a menu option for a limited time at Pizza Hut locations across the U.K. until February 16th.

Shannon O'Hara/Getty Images for Pizza Hut
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

After Pizza Hut teased the collaboration in a tweet last week, both fast food companies took to Twitter to make the official announcement.

Earlier this month, KFC announced the soft launch of a new plant-based meat menu option called Beyond Fried Chicken. This option will be available at 100 select locations across North Carolina for a limited time from February 3rd-23rd. The launch is their way of testing the success of offering plant-based alternatives to their famous fried chicken.