Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, former NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, split last year, but recently appeared to be spending more time together. Today, though, the R&B singer went on Instagram to post a screenshot of an unfaithful text conversation she found on Boobie's phone. The post included a lengthy caption that began: "I guess the starting over as 'Friends' thing doesn't work". 

Retired from the NBA, Gibson is now pursuing a rap career, and he invited his wife to his latest video shoot. During the shoot, though, Keyshia accused Boobie of trying to "mess with" the girl who was playing the "Love Interest" in his music video. It's unclear if she saw her husband and the video girl in action, though Keyshia intercepted his phone and posted a series of texts Gibson sent to a number we assume belongs to the woman in question. One of the texts reads, "I want you like now", while another says, "Keysh just Tryna intimidate you". 

On the same post, Keyshia had some hashtagged words for Boobie: "#WhenUSayUWannaSaveUrFam" "ButUReallyDont". She followed with a post showing a picture of her son, Daniel Gibson Jr., saying he "is all that matters". She goes on to say that "Gib" is, in fact, a "great father", but she is "ready to put this all behind me/Begin my healing process once and for all." 

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