The drama between Keyshia Cole and Cash Money employee Sabrina Mercadel continues. Although we thought it might be over when it was reported that Keyshia Cole would not be facing prosecution for her assault on Mercadel, now instead, Sabrina Mercadel is suing the singer.

TMZ once again reports that the lawsuit was filed by Sabrina Mercadel's lawyer, who claims that Keyshia Cole insinuated Mercadel was a hooker when Keyshia found her at Birdman's penthouse apartment around 5 AM. The victim's lawsuit states that her relationship with Birdman was "plutonic" (yes, apparently this is the exact word used in the lawsuit, although we can assume it was meant to say "platonic").

It's not clear what exactly Sabrina Mercadel intends to get out of suing Keyshia Cole, but we'll keep you posted when it comes to light.