Keyontae Johnson of the Florida Gators men's basketball team went through a difficult time this past week as last Saturday, he collapsed on the court during a game against the Florida State Seminoles. The incident came as a shock to his teammates who were left distraught after seeing what had gone down. Eventually, Johnson was taken to the hospital where he was put in a medically-induced coma.

Over the course of the past week, Johnson has shown numerous signs of improvement, and the basketball world has been delivering their prayers, hoping for a quick recovery. Today, Johnson made a great next step forward in his recovery as he took to Twitter with a video message for all of his supporters.

"I know y'all have been sending y'all prayers throughout the last few days and me and my parents are very grateful for all of the prayers that have been going out," Johnson said. "To Gator Nation and my UF athletic family, I just want to thank you for all of the prayers y'all gave to me and go Gators!"

It remains to be seen what this will all mean for Johnson's career although what matters most right now is that he is healthy. What happened to him was frightening and it's great to see him in good shape.

Keyontae Johnson

Jamie Squire/Getty Images