This has undoubtedly and unsurprisingly been a difficult season for Young Dolph's loved ones. The rapper and community builder was a relatively unproblematic figure in the industry but last week, he was gunned down in his hometown as he reportedly purchased baked goods for his mother. There has been a series of chaotic events reported following Dolph's murder, including another shooting at the same location that injured one person.

Information about this investigation has been a bit of a cluster as Memphis locals post updates consisting of city gossip and news outlets share what they have learned from authorities. As the public attempts to piece together the puzzle leading to the identities of those responsible, Dolph's cousin and Dum & Dummer collaborator Key Glock has surfaced with a lengthy tribute to his fallen friend.

Key Glock, Young Dolph
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

He began by admitting that he is "lost" and added, "My heart is torn and my brain bout to explode it HURTS when I breathe." 

Why you leave me so soon?? I’ll never be the same, you was my lefthand man,my brother,my cousin,my mentor and drank partner for the past 2 years I been taking LOSS AFTER LOSS and still can’t understand why[broken heart emoji] First, it was my pops then my auntie then my grandma and now YOU!! I know we can’t question GOD but GOD why?! There’s nothing no one can do or say to bring you back and that sh*t just eats me up by the second!! N*gga you was Phil Jackson and I was yo MJ[smoke out of the nose emoji] Remember I told you I got yo back no matter what?? I GUARANTEE THAT!! Words really can’t explain how I truly feel right now.

Key Glock feels "sick to my stomach" about this tragedy. "Peace ain’t even working.. all I see is DARKNESS, only GOD knows how much you meant to me[yellow heart emoji]." Check out the post below and make sure to read our article: Young Dolph Was One Of A Kind.