The last film Kevin Spacey completed before sexual assault allegations surfaced back in October, flopped on its opening night in theaters. Billionaire Boys Club, the story of a ponzi scheme turned bloody with greed, wasn't well received by American audiences. The film which is based on true events, holds a historically low approval rating on many review-aggregating websites, evoking memories of 2001's K-PAX

The figures Spacey's accrued on opening night were so bad, they constitute an all-time low for a major motion picture. Billionaire Boys Club made less money than any other film with as wide a net of distribution (10 cities). Take into account, $126 represents the total haul in America. In comparison, Spacey's other project Baby Driver, took in over $20 million on opening night, that was before the sexual misconduct allegations came to light.

The historically low turnout says a lot about his public perception. Not only do people generally want Kevin Spacey to lose, but they also will go out of their way to boycott any project he is associated with. Netflix decided to boycott him as well, firing him in 2017 soon after the scandal started making the rounds. The shows' final season will focus instead on the character portrayed by Robin Wright and her political career.