Kevin Smith is like the nerd ambassador in Hollywood. His fandom for comic book characters and sci-fi flicks is infamous, and Smith has helped bridge the pop world with the comic book universe in recent years. Smith's opinions are usually weighed heavily by Marvel and DC fans, and his latest evaluation is sure to turn some heads. Smith sat down with Mad Men actor Jon Hamm recently, and the director couldn't contain his excitement. 

"Bat-Hamm! It’s hard to look good standing beside the best looking man in the world," wrote Smith on an Instagram post that features a picture of him and Hamm together. This is hardly the first time Hamm has been connected to a Batman project. The veteran actor does have the charm and looks for Batman, although he's admitted that he would have to hit the gym to acquire the build. "The guy’s crazy talented, funny as fuck and smart as Hell," continued Smith. "But just look at him in his suit and tell me that’s not Bruce Wayne! Give Draper the cape and light up the Bat Signal!"

Ben Affleck recently left rehab and revealed that he would love to have one more chance at playing Batman. Still, Warner Bros. might replace him for the planned Matt Reeves film entitled The Batman.