Their relationship has been long over, but Eva Marcille and her ex Kevin McCall are linked for life through their daughter, Marley Rae. Months ago, Keving filed a suit against Eva, asking a court to grant him custody of their five-year-old daughter, even though he hasn't seen her in years. In response, Eva shared in court documents that not only was Kevin physically abusive to her during their relationship, but she reportedly has a restraining order against him. 

Meanwhile, Kevin has had quite the year with erratic social media posts and news of his multiple arrests. Of the latter, the last occurred while the singer was making his way to his custody hearing at a Georgia courthouse. When asked to stop filming inside of the courthouse while on Instagram Live by a security officer, Kevin became verbally defiant and the two men engaged in a physical altercation.

Now, TMZ reports that Kevin's case has been dismissed in Georgia by a judge because, according to the outlet, he needed to take his concerns to Los Angeles. The original custody order was issued in L.A., so if Kevin would like it to be modified, a Georgia judge wouldn't be able to help him. Adding to Kevin's string of bad luck, TMZ also states that Kevin missed a court date regarding his felony domestic violence charges so there's been a warrant issued for his arrest. The singer has denied wrongdoing in many of the cases stacked against him, and of the courthouse and trespassing incidents, he said he was targeted for being black.