Kevin Love just can't win. When things are going bad in Cleveland the attention always seems to shift to the jump-shooting 6'11 forward and even when he's performing well on the floor he's getting clowned by his Cavaliers teammates for the food that he eats.

Love, who has cut 25 lbs. off of his frame since the 2011 NBA lockout, switched to a plant-based diet in 2012 and now eats five to six small meals a day with entrees featuring salmon and grilled chicken. 

He has a strict diet and his personal chef routinely keeps him stocked with healthy meals including beet juice, shredded wheat with almond butter and organic egg whites. Woof.

His teammates have certainly taken notice of his frequent trips to Whole Foods, which apparently isn't that uncommon for NBA players, and they make sure he knows about it. 

“Kev had two bran muffins and a banana with skim milk,'' Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson told ESPN. "He eats like an 80-year-old lady who's trying make sure she's regular.''

“They look at [me] kind of funny when I walk in with a Whole Foods bag or something,'' Love said. "That's not generally the best thing to do when you've got a group of teammates that'll clown on you.”

They probably wouldn't look at him so funny or question his Whole Foods selection if he could score more than two points in 33 minutes during an elimination game, but I regress.

*When you show up to the pasta party with nothing but beet juice and a satchel of almonds: