Kevin Love and his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model girlfriend Kate Bock have been enjoying some time to themselves these past couple of weeks and today, they were in Wyoming to go on a bit of a rafting excursion. Unfortunately for both of them, things went south when their raft got capsized. Love documented the whole thing on Instagram with both he and Bock posing in the water as if nothing had happened. Of course, this wasn't the case because when they got back in the boat, Bock realized that she had a cut on her head which left her and her hat bloodied.

Both Love and Bock rushed to the hospital where she had to have staples put in her head in order to heal the cut. It was a close call but at the end of the day, both parties were fine and shared a laugh about it afterward, according to TMZ.

If you're the Cleveland Cavaliers, this isn't exactly what you want to see as Love could have been seriously injured. Thankfully, everyone was okay and they can continue on with their vacation as planned. Love and Bock have been together for a while now so it's clear they were worried about each other after the accident.

Perhaps they won't be going rafting anytime soon after this close call.