Yahoo Sports first reported that Kevin Love has been spared by the NBA's disciplinary committee. The league took exception to Kevin Love leaving his seat on the bench to join the scuffle in the closing seconds of Thursday's Game Two. After reviewing footage, and taking his disciplinary record into consideration, the league determined he was only on the floor to protest a flagrant foul called on his teammate, and not to instigate a fight.

Kevin Love has every reason to be perturbed, considering the ruling almost matches word for word his description of the play. Mind you, the league had no choice but to follow protocol. NBA rules state that a player who is not checked in at the time of a skirmish must remain on the bench until he is readmitted.

The fate of teammate Tristan Thompson is still being deliberated. The scuffle really sparked when Tristan Thompson lost his cool after receiving a flagrant foul. Draymond Green, who happened to be raising a ruckus of his own, was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when Tristan slammed the basketball in the direction of his face with 2.6 seconds on the clock, and the game a foregone conclusion. If Thompson is suspended we should know no later than Today, according to ESPN.