Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star forward Kevin Love has announced that he's starting the Kevin Love Fund, which will focus on prioritizing mental health. Love, 30, was one of several NBA stars to open up about his battles with anxiety and depression last season.

During his appearance on the Today Show this morning, Love explained that he will partner with two main brands, Bring Change to Mind and the Just Keep Livin Foundation, and is also working with Headspace, an app for meditation. 

"Today, I'm starting the Kevin Love Fund, which is going to empower people to really work on their physical, but also mental well-being, because we know that is so huge," Love told 'Today.'

"We're hoping this brings legs with Nike and a brand partner like Banana Republic as well to keep this moving forward," Love said.

"It's really a special time," Love said. "We're beating down the stigma as much as we can."

ESPN's Darren Rovell also relayed the following quote from Love regarding the Kevin Love Fund, "Mental health isn't just an athlete thing. What you do for a living doesn't have to define who you are. This is an everyone thing."

In March, Love helped push the conversation forward with his "Everyone Is Going Through Something" essay published by The Player's Tribune, in which he admitted to struggling with anxiety and depression. He specifically detailed a panic attack he suffered last November, which forced him from a game and led him to seek professional help.

Check out Love's comments on the Today Show in the video embedded below.